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Steps and Tips for Tent Installtation


Sports tents refer to outdoor sports venues tailor-made for various sports venues, which can be used for special or multi-sport activities tent, regardless of weather and other factors.



Movable wrench, Fork rod, Trailer belt, Pull rope, Hammer, Nail lifter (only when using steel braze to fix the tent house for disassembly), Climbing Ladder, Electric Hammer (for drilling steel or expanding screw)

Installation Process:

1.Location and Fixation

2.Placing materials

3.Connection framework


5.Installation of roof fabric and stretching

6.Installation of fabric wall

7.Installation of gable tarpaulin


Before construction, we should first measure the tent building site. The error range of the site height should not be greater than 10 cm (large drop will affect the safety performance of the tent), the minimum length of the tent should be 80 meters, and the minimum width should be 30 meters. Check various tools and other materials to ensure their integrity.


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