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Is it safe to use a tent to build a stadium?


Is it safe to use a tent to build a stadium?

Part 1: Frame materials

The role of the tent frame is to support the entire tent, so its material is an important factor in determining the safety of the sports tent. At present, most tent frames are made of aluminum alloy, which is more stable than traditional steel and aluminum materials.

In addition, the larger the size of the sports tent, the thicker the aluminum alloy profile used in the frame, so the tent can be securely fixed and the surface of all aluminum alloy profiles will be specially treated to shape it. Galvanized steel plates connect the entire tent, making the entire tent safer and more stable!

Part 2: Wall materials

If used for long-term sports activities, the walls of the tent can be selected from ABS hard walls. ABS material has good comprehensive performance, high impact strength and good chemical stability.

The top of the sports tent uses a PVC tarp. The waterproof tarpaulin is waterproof, moisture-proof, flame-retardant and tear-resistant and can be used in rainy weather.

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